Here are a few healing testimonies. May we glorify our Great God for all He does for the good of His creation. He Alone is Worthy!

A friend of mine was devastated after her doctor told her that she could not conceive. She and her husband had been trying to have a child for over three years. As we were talking on the telephone, the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart to prophesy that He was going to bless her with a child that year. 

Six weeks later my friend conceived. However, during a routine check-up the doctor informed her that he could not detect signs of life in the unborn child. Devastated once again, she informed me of the bad news. Standing on the word which the Lord had spoken, I prayed with her and encouraged her. 

Good news. Much to the joy of her parents, a baby girl was born to them that year. The Lord God gave them the desire of their hearts, and His word was fulfilled. May the Lord always be glorified. 

While praying for a sister over the telephone, the word of the Lord came in prophecy that He wanted to bless her with a child. The sister mentioned to me that she had already taken medical measures not to have any more children as she had two daughters. Two months later the doctor was stunned to find out that she was expecting a child. With two very amazed people in the room, his question was, "How could you be pregnant?" 

However, my Father had spoken, and He did it. His word will never return void. The Bible says that nothing is impossible with God. This time the Lord blessed the family with a son. May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified.

A sister's eardrum was punctured, and she was booked for surgery. The injury was very painful to endure. As I prayed and anointed her with oil, our Lord Jesus touched her and the pain left. The doctor conducted some more tests and declared that her eardrum was absolutely fine! The surgery was canceled. To God be all the glory.

A sister had a growth as big as a dime under the skin of one of her fingers. She was scheduled for surgery but canceled it when the Lord spoke to her heart to receive prayer instead. As I held her hand in mine and prayed, the Lord healed her. The growth melted right under my finger. To God be all the glory now and forever. He is still working miracles!

A child's palm was diseased with a bloody outgrowth. Every three weeks the doctors burnt off the growth but it kept returning. One morning after praying for her, the growth fell off the child's palm. The Fire of the Holy Ghost burnt it off once and for all! Glory to our Lord Jesus.

Another child had severe problem with his nose. It constantly dripped and he was booked for corrective surgery. After he received prayer, the Lord healed him. His nose no longer drips, and the surgery was canceled. To God be all the glory.

A few coma patients have been healed. Here are two reports: 

I was asked to go and pray for a young man who was in a coma. His mom told me that the doctors had given him only a few more hours to live. After he received prayer in the Intensive Care Unit, the machines started to "jingle". The nurses came running, thinking that this young man was dying. Rather, our merciful Lord Jesus Christ met with him, and he was totally healed. To God be all the glory.

A sister in Christ was visiting Canada from Trinidad. Suddenly she became seriously ill and was rushed to the hospital where she fell into a coma. Thirteen days later, her family came to a Sunday service at the church and informed us of the situation. 

That evening I accompanied the family to the hospital to pray for their sister. In the Intensive Care Unit, the nurse asked me to put on a hospital gown, gloves, and a mask as the doctors did not know what they were dealing with. When I told the nurse that I wanted to remove my gloves to lay hands on the patient and pray, she warned that I would be doing so at my own risk. After anointing the sister with oil, I laid my hands on her and prayed. 

To the glory of God, on Monday she was removed from the respirator. By Wednesday, the sister was going to the bathroom unaided. On Saturday when I called to see how she was doing, her brother told me, "Hold the line. She is coming through the door." She was discharged from the hospital! Eight days later, she braved the snow to come to church and share her testimony. 

Isn't our Lord Jesus wonderful? He still is and always will be The Greatest Healer! Blessed be the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

A Christian couple called us for prayer for the wife who had cancer. As my husband and I prayed for her, she was overcome and fell in the Spirit. Her husband continued to pray with us for her healing. A few days later when the doctors operated on her, they were amazed to find no cancer. Jesus does all things well! Praise Him!

Our own son Sanjay went to the dentist, complaining of pain in his wisdom tooth. The dentist said he was going to remove the tooth to relieve the pain. The x-rays showed that the tooth was growing in a crooked fashion and Sanjay was supposed to return to extract the tooth. After receiving prayers from us, he felt better. 

When he went back to the dentist. a miracle had happened. The dentist examined his mouth and said that in his thirty years of service he had never seen anything like it. The wisdom tooth had straightened out. The Holy Spirit had given our son Sanjay a miracle. Let our Lord Jesus be glorified!

Through a referral a Christian brother brought his wife to the church, as she was possessed by evil spirits. He was a believer but had married outside the Christian faith. As I prayed for his wife, the Holy Spirit revealed to me what spirits were to be cast out. After I followed the Lord's instructions, the lady was immediately delivered and confessed Jesus Christ as Lord! Because of this tremendous testimony, the rest of her family became Christians. 

May God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Ghost be glorified! Praise the Lord!

One Sunday morning a brother and his family from Brazil were visiting the church. He had found us through the internet and needed prayer. He told us that he had a rare form of hair disease which caused all his hair to fall off. His doctor in Brazil had told him his condition was hopeless. Even his eyebrows were affected. 

A year later when he returned to visit us, he was elated and we could plainly see why! Our Lord Jesus had touched our brother and reversed the words of the doctor! Jet-black hair had grown on his head! And his eyebrows had grown back as well! Praise the Lord for nothing is impossible with God. 

Our brother also told us that he sent a picture with his new head to the doctor in Brazil, through his sister-in-law. The doctor was stunned to see the results. She in turn was able to witness to him about the love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. To God be all the glory!

Another time, this same brother visited us suffering with severe pain from a kidney stone. The same week after he received prayer, he was booked for surgery. While he was wearing his hospital gown on the day of surgery, a doctor came in and told him the surgery was canceled because the operating doctor was absent. Our brother said he saw the Hand of the Lord in it and thought that if the Lord canceled the surgery, He must have something else in mind! 

A couple of days later at home, he passed a large kindney stone. WITHOUT ANY PAIN. Our wonderful LORD JESUS operated on him and healed him completely! We found out about this when this dear brother visited the church again. May our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ be glorified always. Amen.