Dreams And Visions Given To Prema By The Lord

My first encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ was at the tender age of twelve. This beautiful Person came to me, knelt near me, tenderly dried my weeping eyes and spoke to me. You may read more about this in my testimony. May you, dear reader, be blessed by some of the dreams and visions God has granted me. All for the glory of our lovely Lord Jesus Christ.  

In 1986, eight years before I met my husband, the Lord showed him to me in a dream. We were both in Sri Lanka and he was preaching the Word. I was standing with my Bible held high up in the air. We met in 1994, and seven weeks later we were married. Today we both preach the Word, to the glory of God.  
One night I saw thousands of angels entwined in a circle around the sky. In the center was the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord was nailed to the Cross. He was still alive. I saw Him from a side view. His leg was jerking with agony. The angels were looking on in great awe. 
One night the Lord appeared to me in a dream. As we walked, I told Him how grateful I was to Him for dying on the Cross for me. I thanked Him for shedding His most precious Blood for me and for this world. He replied, “Yes, it was not the blood of seven thousand chickens. It was My Blood. My Precious Blood.” We walked without speaking another word. Then the Lord stopped. He said to me, “Meet Me here every morning.” It was about 2:30 AM.  
On my way to church one evening, my son and I were a short block away from the gas station when the car ran out of gas. I usually drive with at least half a tank full. But I had used the car quite a bit and I had reasoned that I would fill up on my way to church. Sanjay was only nine at the time. I left him in the car and started to walk to the gas station, praying quietly, “Lord, I need Your help. I don't know how to put gas in the car.” (I know now.) Suddenly a man stepped across my pathway, carrying a briefcase under his arm. I asked for his help. He was so kind and helpful. I invited him to church and thanked him for being so kind. I asked him if he was “Born Again.” He said, “My Father is.” I was curious about his profession. He told me that he was in the insurance business. We got to the car. He shook Sanjay's hand. He helped put the gas in my car. As I sat in the driver's seat, he stood outside the car in a friendly way. I slightly turned my head to pull the seat belt. As I turned back, HE WAS GONE! The Lord sent His angel to help me fill the gas!
When I finished shouting with joy and calmed down, the Lord gave me the interpretation of my encounter. Angels cannot be “Born Again.” They are created. Also, the angels are sent by God to insure the protection of God's people (Psalm 91). They are our insurance agents! Glory! I just knew as we drove to church that he was sitting on the top of the car, having a great time!
One night I had a vision of a very tall, blonde, blue-eyed angel standing at the foot of my bed. He was all smiles. I felt so peaceful and happy. I asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, “My name is Judah.” Judah is a Hebrew word which means praise. Because I love to praise the Lord with all my being, I believe that the Lord sent me an angel of praise.  
One night in a vision, I walked with an angel from 10 PM to 4 AM. As we walked, we communicated by thought. He knew all my thoughts and questions, and I knew his replies as he thought them. We passed by this house of rich but wicked folks. Since I was a new Chistian, I questioned how wicked people could be rich. The angel walked me to a concrete room which had no doors or windows. He used the rod which he carried and struck the wall. A door formed and we walked inside. He went to a corner of this room and struck the wall again with his rod. A brick of gold came shooting out from the wall. He took it and handed it to me. I shook my head “No.” He walked back to the corner of the room and struck the wall again. Out came a very large bunch of fruit, still on the vine. He handed it to me. This time, I gladly accepted. My arms were full of the fruit as I embraced the vine. I ate as much as I could. I actually felt my tummy puffed with the fruit. Then I stepped outside and gave the rest of the fruit to every one who passed by.
Shortly afterwards, the Lord gave me the interpretation of this vision. I had chosen to refuse the world and its wealth in order to pursue the wealth of the Lord. I would eat the Word of God and then share His Word with others. I have not regretted my choice! Glory! He adds the blessings!  
One night, two of my friends and I were praying throughout the night, as we usually did. At 2:20 AM, I felt very hot Oil being poured into the skull of my head. The Lord Jesus then appeared to me, nailed to the Cross. He was wearing a loin cloth. His chin was drooped down. As I saw this vision of my Lord, tears stung my eyes. I suddenly realized that I was out of my body. My body was half-kneeling, half sitting. My spirit was standing. In a moment, the vision was taken away, and my spirit was back in my body. The Lord appeared to me again. This time, the Christ was in His royal robe of splendour! He was high and lifted up and His train filled the temple! This flowing robe was light blue in colour. He was about two feet above the altar area. I shyly looked at my Lord. What a Beauty to behold! My Lord forcefully extended His hands to me as if to say, “Come to Me, My child!” At that moment, I noticed His wonderful eyes. They were a beautiful mix of blue and green, and they drew me to Him. I could only describe my Lord's eyes as a tumbling river of love, pulling me towards Him. And His smile! O, His smile. “Perfectly beautiful” is putting it mildly! His hair was light brown in colour, shoulder-length, and with many curls. His smile is always before me. The vision vanished, but I always remember Him as I saw Him that night.
Such an anointing came over me that I felt as if I could lift a ton. I started to shout. “I saw the Lord! I saw the Lord!” By this time, it was around 4:30 in the morning. My sisters Doris and Rosa and I grabbed all the tambourines we could find and at that time of the morning, we marched several times around the sanctuary of the church. We sang the chorus, “I saw the Lord, I saw the Lord. He was high and lifted up and His train filled the temple!...” To God be all the glory!  
One morning I saw the Dove of the Holy Spirit. He was sitting in a circular frame, like the frame of a round clock. He was staring intently at me.  
One day I saw a Fiery Personality standing in our apartment. I got afraid. I rebuked this vision. To my utter amazement, as I went into the kitchen, here He was again. This time peace flooded my soul. I was made to understand that this Person was the God Who answers by Fire.
May the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be praised! Praise the Lord!